Like a Vapor


Dear Andy, I miss you brother. I hope you’re in heaven. I wish that we could have made it full circle one last time. I wish we could have done more. You where with me when I was in one of the hardest times of my life and you where loyal and committed. We are opposites till this very moment yet you are such a good friend. All the things that we fight over in this world and our friendship dismantled the stereo types. Our friendship proved that we are all family, we just need love to help us see it.

The news of your loss, haunts me. It brings things to a halt because I know that there was still music to be played. There where still songs in your heart and lyrics on the lips of your free spirit. I will be praying for your mom and family.

I still remember driving to your house to meet her and check out the new equipment that you had just picked up. I remember the hours that we put in the studio and how your fingers where bleeding from time we spent recording.

I remember us working together and our 1st conversations about getting together to make music. We where so excited. Then we made it happen.

I thought we would have time to get one more crack at it man. I really did.

When we recorded Guardian Angel, my mother was dying and you where there bro. That means so much to me man. I hope she was one of the angels guiding you home.

Thanks for everything.

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